About Elaine

No One drifts into Greatness -It only happens by Design!!

Leadership is one of the most misunderstood words in the management arena. From my extensive work in the International Development Sector – I have learned that not everyone takes leadership for their lives, their mandates/purposes, and their development. Many factors prevent this from happening and from an organizational development perspective this is a huge area for development.  One of the most underdeveloped and underutilized talent that exists in the workplace is the human mind.  Empowering and Coaching people to Think, Create, Imagine and Change the world is what organizations should be obsessed about. Developing an Environment that encourages, growth, encourages, exploration, challenges status quo is what organizations should seek to create. However, the sad reality is that most organizations are not Leadership Environments, and most organizational cultures and organizational environments are toxic, where distrust, selfishness, fear, and confusion are the order of the day.

Most people in organizations such as these are demotivated, apathetic, and disengaged. It’s not surprising there is a high turnover of staff and low productivity. 

Albert Einstein affirmed “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created it” And I couldn’t agree more!!!!

We stand at the cusp of Change!!!! Technology has changed the world as we know it!!! Workplaces are Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous!!! (VUCA)!!!! 

As an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, my recommendation to you as an Organisational leader is to invest in your most appreciable resource-YOUR PEOPLE!!!! Within them are the answers you require to Thrive in this VUCA Time!!!

This Site has been created for you to learn, grow and unlock your MIND!!!!! Discover Our Executive Leadership Coaching Programmes are developed to empower you and your organization to create a  Leadership Environment:

  • where change is not feared but embraced
  • and the thinking model that creates innovation and collaboration is learned and adopted.
  • The greatness that exists within the organization is activated and maximized.

This is the place where “Peak Performance and Productivity” not only becomes possible but also become the new status quo. 


Your Friend, Elaine